Being a professional percussionist for more than 30 years has taught me a couple of things in regards of building a good drum:

- first of all KEEP IT SIMPLE !

- use quality components

- make it as if it were your personal instrument

So I rely on old fashioned traditional and time proven designs. The shell is made from 3 layers of laminated premium wood. The bearing edge is angled for a good full bass/grave tone, the other edge nicely rounded for a comfortable grip. Rather than being too narrow the spaces (windows) cut out for the jingles are wide enough to allow the player to adjust his desired sound by using plastic or rawhide washers.

  The pandeiro has an exact diameter of 10", so the player can also use prefabricated factory plastic or natural heads and other rims. The heads are natural goatskin hand selected by me. The jingles are hand hammered either from brass or copper-bronze and come in various thicknesses depending on the sound desired. The rim is made from stainless steel and the standoff are either of brass or plated steel, the tension rods are steel.